Useful Mercari Shopping Guide

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It is well known that Mercari is the number one online flea market  in Japanese, but Mercari does not open for international shipping. The goods on Mercari are second-hand products sold by individual sellers (like Carousell). It also does not support Overseas bank card / Visa / Master payment, if you want to purchase, you can register a Hoyoyo account to process.

The advantages to shop on Mercari are:

1. Various amount of Manga, Animation or Pop Stars peripheral products

2. The price is much lower than original price (some can also be bargained)

3. Products are second hand yet in good condition

Because there is no automatic translation on Mercari, guests are recommended to install Google Chrome browser and add a translate extension.

After Translation

After Google Translate...

Mercari sellers are basically divided into two categories: individual sellers and professional sellers.

There are a number of sellers on Mercari specializing in the sale of Mikihouse children's clothes or Hysteric mini.

The second category is individual sellers, which are characterized by:

1. The number of evaluations is small (generally single digits, or only a few dozen evaluations are many)

2. There are few surrounding areas to be sold, but the general price is very cheap. There are also a lot of medieval papers within 1,000 yen. Most of the products such as children's clothing are relatively low.

*Personal sellers will put their own neighbors on other websites (such as Fril: in addition to the coal stove, so there may be invalid shelves on the coal stove, so the words are still given. Seller message communication is better

First, search

Website address:

Let's take Pokemon as an example.

Mercari Pokemon

Search will also find a problem, the products that have been sold and sold will be mixed together, this time use the search section on the left.

Mercari Pokemon 2

More commonly used are:

1.価格(can fill in the price that you’re going to offer)

2.商品の状態 (Product Condition)

Goods Condition

The upper picture states from the left to right:

(1).All Products (2).Brand New Products

(3).Like New (4).Good Condition

(5).Good Condition with little wrinks  (6).Little dirt and wrinks

(7).Bad Condition

*Normally sellers will paste 2-3 photos for customer to confirm about the dirt and damaged parts

3.配送料の負担(Shipping fee )

Shipping methods

Here the 配送料の負担 means Japan domestic shipping, and most Mercari sellers will pay for this shipping fee, but some of them request for COD (cash on delivery).

(1) 着払い(購入者負担) COD, client pay for the shipping

(2) 送料込み(出品者負担) Price included shipping, seller pay for the shipping fee

4. Selling Status

Selling Status

(1) 販売中   Selling

(2) 売り切れ  Sold Out

If you finished searching, and ready to place order, please directly use: Offer via Hoyoyo.

1.How does Hoyoyo charge for Mercari shipping?

Mercari sellers mostly pay for the shipping, or else it will be reimbursed for actual expenses.

2.How long does it take for purchasing?

After we received orders, we will try our best to communicate with seller on behalf of members (Fastest time: 1 min)

3.Hyoyo proxy service charges?

Total Charges = Product Price + 300 JPY bank fee + Domestic shipping fee (if any) + International shipping

4.How long does Hoyoyo ship out the item?

When items arrived at our Japanese warehouse, you will receive our arrival e-mail notice to ship out the item. After members pay all the fees, and shipping order has been placed. Japanese warehouse staff will dispatch the package next day. (Except Saturday and Public Holiday.)