Japan domestic shipping freight reference

Japan domestic shipping freight reference

Japan's domestic shipping costs generally take the total of length, width and height, and specific size standard will be different depends on courier. HOYOYO Japan Shopping now analyzed some Standard Domestic Freight data from Japan Post Office for your reference.

Here are some common couriers for Door-to-door delivery in Japan:

Black Cat / YAMATO and Sagawa Express / SAGAWA

(Please note that there is limitation to the weight, but generally parcels can be shipped within the size range as below. **HOYOYO's data are for reference only.**)

Standard Size and weight: 1inch = 2.5cm, 1feet = 30cm, 1pound = 0.45kg

 (Dimension: A+B+C = Parcel Size)


  • Size (in cm) is the total of length, width and height.
  • No matter size or weight is larger, we take the largest dimension.
  • Goods exceeding size 160 and parcel value more than 300,000 yen Yamato / Sagawa Express service not accepted.

To calculate the domestic freight sending from specific spot to a certain area (such as Hokkaido sent to Osaka HOYOYO Japan warehouse), you may go to different courier companies for more details:

Sagawa Express

Black Cat / YAMATO

Japan Post Office