Mercari Japan Proxy Purchase Guide Part 2

Japan Mercari Purchasing Guide: Order Tips

How to negotiate on Mercari?

Take GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE as an example. This GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE set, we want to buy at 3000 yen, individual can click (use Price Offer via Hoyoyo) and then fill in the price in remark box to submit. If the seller agrees to your bargaining amount, the excess amount will be returned to your Hoyoyo account.


There are many items in the Mercari seller's picture. How do I just ask for one item or a couple of them?

Let's take GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE as an example. For example, I only want 3 of them from the picture. 
Individual can click (use HOYOYO to apply for purchase) and fill out the remarks (as shown below). Our Japanese buyer will communicate and purchase according to the customer's remarks.

remarks 2