Prohibited Items

You see the goods on this site are linked to overseas auction sites or overseas shopping site, the goods are sold by local overseas sellers, the site does not sell any goods!
This site provides only information links, translation services, business consulting, platform system services and overseas partners to help you in the local generation of goods receipt, packing, parcel delivery service on behalf of the delivery!
If your balance is insufficient after the arrival of the package, you will need to recharge to the balance is sufficient, I will send you the Secretary for you, I do not accept cash on delivery, and pay the deposit and then pay the balance of the way, please understanding!

1. Members of the goods ordered by the members themselves through the Internet in the foreign site designated by the order, not HOYOY their own production, manufacture, agent and import of goods sold to members after the resale.

2. After purchasing / ordering can not be canceled.

3. If the goods are provided by different sellers / shopping sites, all charges shall be calculated separately.

4.HOYOYO will not accept the purchase or purchase any illegal and can not enter the contraband.

5. HOYOYO is only responsible for purchasing services / ordering goods and services, the customer needs to bear the risk. Shopping before you evaluate the seller rating, novice or poor evaluation, as far as possible not to purchase related goods. If the seller does not send the money after the goods, the company will give him a very poor evaluation and to Japan, Yahoo and Taobao to make a complaint. However, the fees paid by you will not be refunded. If the goods do not do shopping goods, or damaged, lost, can not be recovered from the Company.

6. HOYOYO will not be responsible for the provision or maintenance of the goods or after-sales service.

7. If the purchase fails, you may deposit / purchase other goods, or arrange for a refund. Refund arrangements take between one and three business days.

8. The Company reserves the right to make the final decision whether to accept your purchase / order goods requirements.

9. If the goods need to sellers to claim / replacement, the necessary goods received within 5 days of receipt of goods, and the seller to purchase the contents of the goods receipt that can claim / replacement, HOYOYO will communicate with the seller, try to fight for the interests of members, but HOYOYO can not guarantee that members will be able to get satisfactory treatment.

HOYOYO immediately for members of the purchase page on the seller's description, if the seller has mentioned is genuine and to the members of the goods is counterfeit goods, HOYOYO will immediately contact the seller to request Return all the resulting costs, while the goods sent back to Japan and China, but the seller has been marked on the page do not know is not genuine, parallel input, parallel imports, direct sales shop to buy ..... as long as there is no Clearly written to be genuine, HOYOYO can only help you communicate with the seller.

11. If the member to buy / buy goods for the counterfeit goods, the Japanese goods delivery by the Customs deduction of goods, can not get the goods, the members themselves to bear this risk.


1. HOYOYO does not make any profit on the price of the goods that HOYOYO has ordered. HOYOYO upon receipt of membership payments, the goods (and other expenses) RMB amount fully converted into foreign currency and remitted to foreign businesses, or another business for the members to pay the amount of goods ordered, this part of the collection and payment Behavior, which HOYOYO addition to the system service fee, the other costs are not required to open an invoice, but has the obligation to honestly inform.

Second, the international transport sector, HOYOYO members do not bear the tariffs, if the Customs will be members of the goods to determine the need to pay taxes on the goods, the amount and legal responsibility to be members.

HOYOYO is not only the seller of goods and the purchaser, so no matter members of the goods ordered in any country, according to the provisions of the tax law are used in the HOYOYO members registered by the Nominees order and send import, so please be sure to fill out in order to protect their own interests. (If not imported in the name of another person, in addition to being fined, it will be possible to return the goods to the exporting country or not).

4. If the member has any amount of money or commodity is not removed within the time limit:
(1) The fee payable by the member for using the service shall be paid within HOYOYO's notice payment deadline. In case of overdue payment, HOYOYO may suspend or terminate the services. However, HOYOYO will cease to provide service to the member who has objected to the costs and submitted a complaint. If another member suspends the service due to arrears, he may apply to resume the service after paying the fee. HOYOYO shall also have the right to suspend any delay in the payment of fees after the Member has reinstated the Service.
(B) HOYOYO will charge 50 Yen per shipment if the goods arrive at the Overseas Receiving Office for the first 15 days without warehousing and if the goods have not been sent on the 16th day after arrival. The goods will not be sent within 30 days after the arrival of HOYOYO the right to sell or handle the goods.The company will no longer be notified, no longer custodial responsibility, and the right to deal with the goods, members may not request the relevant damage Compensation matters.

5, in order to protect the rights and obligations of consumers, the above instructions are the obligations of HOYOYO, if not clear or doubt, please call HOYOYO by hand for the members to provide instructions. If members still have doubts, members can find other channels on behalf of dealing with. Its HOYOYO retain the right to accept or refuse membership authorization.

Transport restrictions

* If (Length+Width+Height) > 1.7 meter,another quotation is required

--like Car Parts, before you buy it,please contact/ask our staff to check the item accord the post rule or not.

* Total weight can not over 30kg each time

* Maximun length 1.5m or less

* If (Length+Width+Height) > 3 meter,you can not use this shipping service.

Note: If the goods lost in transit, HOYOYO maximum amount of compensation for the freight three times or the total price, whichever is lower. Claims limit of 50 US dollars

* If you find something in the package, please take a picture and put it on the weight (weight machine)
* If unpacked and found something less please sign within 3 days from the date of contact with online customer service and provide photos, overdue waiting.